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Home HealthCare Advisor Visit our website: In-Home Care Programs for Older Individuals What is in-home care? Not every older American ends up in a nursing home or a retirement community. In fact, most older individuals continue to live at home, many with the assistance of some type of in-home care. In-home care can help you remain independent, and delay the need to enter a nursing home or an assisted-living facility. What types of in-home care are available? In-home care is a broad term that covers in-home health care (nursing or health aide services), household help (homemaker services) and personal care (companion or caretaker services). Health-care services If you have a medical condition that requires nursing care, daily monitoring, or therapy, you may need to hire a nurse or an aide to help take care of you at home. You can hire health care personnel through nursing registries or home health agencies (HHAs). Nursing registries match you with a suitable nurse for your condition, but they don't necessarily supervise or train nurses. HHAs, on the other hand, match you with a nurse or nurse's aide who is supervised and trained by the agency. HHAs are usually licensed by the state and may be accredited by a national association such as the National Association for Home Care. Most have Medicare certification as well, meaning that they have met minimum federal standards and accept Medicare. - - Medicare Partner Jun 29-20:41