Without coverage, the costs of prescription drugs can add up, especially as we get older. Many seniors are surprised by the overwhelming expense of medications and have concerns about how their Medicare choices can affect them. If you have been prescribed drugs by your physician or want to make sure you can afford them when you need them later in life, Aetna can help.

Aetna offers an array of insurance plans that may meet your specific prescription drug and healthcare coverage needs, including:

  • Medicare Advantage with prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans

When you are eligible for Medicare, you can choose to get your benefits from Original Medicare, administered by the federal government, or through a private insurance company like Aetna that contracts with Medicare to provide Part A and Part B insurance. Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans include your Part A and Part B Medicare benefits, but many of them include additional coverage, such as vision care, dental services, and/or prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans can include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Special Needs Plans (SNPs).

Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage (MA-PDs) can vary in costs and each plan may have a unique formulary, or list of covered drugs. Each plan covers specific medications and dosages and are categorized by tiers of cost based on the type of drugs: brand-name, generic, or mail order.

Aetna’s Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)

If you choose to get your Medicare benefits from Original Medicare, you’ll be covered for Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) benefits, but many seniors find that out-of- pocket expenses can start to affect their long-term financial plan. In order to supplement Original Medicare, some individuals enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan (also known as Medigap) that will help pay deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments. Although Aetna’s Medigap plans may help supplement Original Medicare expenses, they do not cover prescription drugs.

For drug coverage, you can enroll in one of Aetna’s stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) available in your area. A PDP will have a formulary and a network of pharmacies you will need to visit to fill your prescription. Some PDPs may include more pharmacies than others, and some may not include a mail order option. Aetna RX Home DeliveryÒ may be a great option is you take medications regularly. It is convenient and can save you money. Compare plans to find the one that best meets your needs.

Consider Aetna’s prescription drug coverage options today, and find a plan that is right for you.