JOBST is a popular brand of compression stockings, marketed as relief stockings to treat the symptoms of venous disease. Sometimes referred to as pressure socks, these garments are available for men and women with styles that reach to the knee, thigh and waist. They are also available in different compression levels, ranging from 15 to 40mmHg, which reflect a measurement of varying levels of pressure.

The Benefit of Pressure Socks
These stockings are usually used to resolve circulation issues, which occurs with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), diabetes and varicose veins. Doctors often prescribe the stockings to inactive patients who are bedridden or recovering from surgery. According to the Mayo Clinic, compression stockings may also help people who suffer from orthostatic hypotension, which is a type of low blood pressure that can cause someone to feel lightheaded, dizzy and faint when standing up from a seated or reclined position.

Others who favor JOBST stockings are workers employed in jobs where standing all day is required as well as frequent travelers who spend extensive time seated in airplanes. Additionally, athletes and pregnant women may reap benefits from wearing these garments. Athletes sometimes wear compression sleeves as well as socks with the goal of increasing blood flow to move oxygen to working muscles, prevent injury to the tissue, and avoid soreness and cramping.

Compression stockings are designed to fit snugly, stretch and gently grip the leg. The pressure on the leg is graduated so the stockings have a tighter fit around the ankle and loosen up as they migrate up the leg. The compression helps the blood vessels do their job. The arteries transport oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, promoting relaxation to facilitate blood flow. The veins then propel blood back to the heart. As the blood continues to circulate, it reduces the risk of blood puddling in the veins and forming a blood clot. Blood clots can be life threatening because they sometimes lodge in the lungs. Swelling and discolored skin can be signs that there is a clot preventing an even flow of blood.

Medicare Coverage for Compression Garments
Depending on the grade of the stockings, they can be costly. Medicare coverage will depend on your medical condition, prescription and the provisions of your Medicare insurance plan. If you have Medicare Advantage, check with your plan for cost and coverage. If JOBST stockings are  covered, it would most likely fall under the durable medical equipment section in Part B.

When shopping for compression apparel, take note of other brands as well, such as Dr. Scholl’s and Fruit of the Loom. Find these items online as well as in drugstores and medical supply retail locations.

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