Remeron is a brand-name drug used to treat people who suffer from depression. The generic name is mirtazapine. It is administered orally either in the form of a tablet that dissolves in the mouth or an immediate-release tablet. Its functionality is to restore the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, uplifting the patient’s mood and facilitating a sense of well-being.

The Federal Drug Administration requires that a warning accompany the drug, which conveys that mirtazapine has the potential to increase any thoughts or actions of suicide, especially in children, teens and young adults. The risk is greater early on in the treatment and when dosages are modified. Other side effects reported are dizziness, weight gain, drowsiness and serotonin syndrome. Serotonin acts as both a neurotransmitter and a hormone. Signs of this syndrome include convulsions, difficulty thinking, coma, confusion, issues with coordination and muscle spasms.

Part D Medicare insurance
Original Medicare does not cover prescription drugs. Part D is the prescription drug coverage benefit that Medicare beneficiaries can purchase through a private insurance carrier offering a Medicare-approved plan. Generally, Medicare recipients enroll in Part D as either a stand-alone plan or as part of Medicare Advantage. Medicare Part D coverage includes a formulary, which is a list of the drugs covered by the plan.

The formulary includes the drug name, strength, dosage, safety, quality, intended application and approved methods of administering the drug. Within the formulary are tiers that reflect cost sharing through copayments or coinsurance. In the first tier, you will most likely find the generic drugs where cost sharing is low. Brand name and specialty drugs are commonly found in the second through fifth tiers. These medications come at a higher cost and ultimately a greater out-of-pocket expense outlaid by the patient.

Government regulations and tools
Federal law requires plans to include at least two drugs from each class of drug category on their formulary. One of these categories is antidepressants, indicating Remeron or its generic form may be covered.

If you are not already enrolled in a drug plan or are thinking of a change during an enrollment period, find out what plans are available in your area. Compare plans to find the plan that meets your needs.

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