SoClean 2 is an automated sanitizer designed to clean the equipment commonly used to treat sleep apnea. The National Sleep Foundation reports that over 18 million adults across America have sleep apnea, but the condition can affect children as well.  Apnea is when breathing temporarily stops. If you have difficulty sleeping and/or experience specific sleep problems, your  physician may suggest screening for sleep apnea so it can be diagnosed and treated effectively.

There are two types of sleep apnea, categorized as obstructive and central. Obstructive sleep apnea, OSA, is interrupted breathing for short periods repeatedly while you sleep. Central sleep apnea is when the brain does not adequately control breathing while you sleep. Obstructive is the more common type, which most people simply refer to as sleep apnea. Sleep interruption and oxygen deprivation can contribute to hypertension and heart disease as well as memory loss. It also leads to fatigue and can impact your mood throughout the day.

How Sleep Apnea is Treated
The symptoms of this disorder prompting a trip to the doctor’s office may be fatigue throughout the day or anecdotal evidence presented by your partner. With a mix of irritation and concern, your partner may report observations of heavy snoring, choking, gasping or, frighteningly, a break in breathing.

In order to diagnosis sleep apnea, your doctor may recommend a night in a sleep center for observation, analysis and monitoring of basic functions, such as eye movement, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and muscle activity during slumber. A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is the go-to device prescribed by physicians for many patients who are diagnosed with sleep apnea.

CPAP Sleep Therapy Equipment
As its name suggests, the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine cascades an uninterrupted stream of airway pressure to the throat, keeping the airway open while you are at rest. The device as well as the supplies needed, such as masks and tubing, are covered under Medicare Part B as part of durable medical equipment (DME). A diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea is mandatory to be eligible for these Medicare benefits.

CPAP therapy is covered initially on a trial basis for three months. As a prerequisite for an extension, see a doctor enrolled in Medicare. Your doctor must then validate in writing that you have met specific criteria regarding utilization of the device and that the CPAP machine has proven to be the appropriate remedy in your case. Once you have the apparatus, it is crucial to keep it clean.

Medicare Benefits for SoClean 2
SoClean, Inc. promises that its product, SoClean 2, is fast, easy to use and innovative. Disassembly is not needed, and it is completely waterless. There are videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to connect it with the CPAP machine, set the timer and use it properly. However, CPAP cleaners are not covered by Medicare.

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