We can tend to be less active than when we were young. Once we retire from our jobs, we spend less time out in the public socializing with co-workers, family, and friends. Even with the hobbies that we love, we are spending more time alone. This means that we are not engaging our overall brain and cognitive functions.

The good news is that there are a lot of computer-based applications that are functional and free to use. For people who stay in touch with friends on Facebook, there are also dozens of free games available at https://www.facebook.com/games/instantgames. Besides helping people improve their concentration, focus, memories, and overall brain power, electronic free programs are a fun way to keep from being bored. This is especially beneficial for older individuals who are not allowed to have visitors because they are considered to be at-risk and housebound during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find and select free brain boosting applications on the internet that are available from Google Play for Android, Chromebook, and Apple devices. Some of the free apps have advertisements that appear between the different exercise programs while other apps are completely advertisement free. In addition to being free to use, some of the brain-boosting apps do offer enhanced program levels for a small fee. But, with all the free app options, there is rarely a reason to purchase advanced app levels.

The following list of 5 free apps, in addition to the free Facebook instant games mentioned above, can help seniors exercise, sharpen, and boost their brainpower.

Five Free Apps to Use to Boost Your Brain

1. Sudoku – A classic brain-boosting game for seniors who like mathematics and logical thinking. This numerical puzzle game has been a helpful analytical mind training game for over 100 years. Each puzzle is different, and the app comes with a system that offers both a step by step help guide and animated hints as beginners learn the skills of the game.

2. Brain Test – This app is a real pleasure for people who enjoy trivia and miscellaneous facts. Brain Test features obscure puzzles with quizzes, riddles, and brain teasers that exercises critical thinking performance, problem-solving, memory recall, and attention span. With the hundreds of games and tests in this app, it is easy to understand how so many people consider this their brain booster of choice.

3. MatchUp – MatchUp is the electronic version of Concentration, the tile or playing card matching exercise, a classic memory game. In this app, people can test and train their memory recall skills. The program includes both the classic tile-matching version and a selection of customizable features that target the memory core of the brain. The more someone uses this app, the sharper their sense of concentration becomes.

4. Criminal Case – This is a great app for people who enjoy solving mysteries. This app mimics the beloved board game, “Clue.” Criminal Case is one of the more popular hidden object games. Those playing this app become members of the Grimsborough police department that investigate crimes, gather evidence, follow clues, and question suspects in unsolved murder cases. Players will exercise their reasoning and logic skills, sharpen their observation talents, and boost their analytical brainpower. This is an app that can be played with friends for a team approach.

5. Wordscapes – Wordscapes is a wonderful app for people who get pleasure from solving anagrams or crossword puzzles. This app has nearly 5000 different crossword puzzles that range from beginning to expert levels. New puzzles and levels are added frequently so players will never get bored as they exercise their memory, language, thinking, patience, and word skills.

These five apps will help to exercise and boost the brain activity for people of all ages, but especially for our older population that wants to remain mentally alert even when they are not able to get outside and socialize. These apps are user friendly and created to keep people interested and entertained for hours at a time.

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