With millions of people affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, leading scientists and doctors are working on a cure. As research is conducted and data is collected by medical experts, manufacturers are working toward the creation of potential cures and a vaccine. In the meantime, physicians across the world are trying to find a solution to this infectious disease.

Are there any potential cures for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
Unfortunately, there is no cure for coronavirus at this time. Coronavirus has a wide range of symptoms and patients have required a variety of treatments. Because the 2020 novel coronavirus is still being investigated and studied, there is much debate regarding treatment methods. Viruses are tricky in that they can change through mutation and adapt to resist medications that have proven effective in the past. Up until this point, treatment has been based on individual needs in hospitals across the globe.

Does My Medicare Plan Cover Coronavirus?
If you have Medicare, your benefits should cover any type of testing and medical treatment for COVID-19. Some people who have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans may have additional coverage on top of those found in Original Medicare. Because each plan is different, check with your plan for details.

For general information regarding Medicare’s coverage of Coronavirus-related care, visit the official Medicare website. You can also contact the CDC to learn more about federal guidelines related to coronavirus prevention as well as self-care options.

Call Before Arriving If Possible
If you are experiencing symptoms, seek medical assistance quickly. Call your physician first. Medicare has expanded its telehealth services, so a virtual doctor visit may be scheduled. If your doctor feels your symptoms warrant it, you may be sent to a testing center to be tested for COVID-19. If you have to visit a medical office in person, let your care provider know that you suspect coronavirus prior to showing up. This can give the staff a chance to prepare for your arrival safely to protect patients and staff if you do end up being confirmed as having the virus.

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