As the weather starts to warm up, it is only natural to think about all the outdoor activities to enjoy. Longer daytime hours full of sunshine and fresh air are two big reasons to get outside after months of cold weather and staying inside. And the best part is that, when assistance is needed, there are no physical restrictions related to partaking in spring activities.

The following is a list of easy, fun springtime activities that seniors can enjoy. Remember to wear the appropriate clothing if the weather is breezy or cool.

• Walking is a good exercise to maintain your muscles and brighten your mood. Whether you choose to walk at a brisk pace or a leisurely stroll, just being outdoors is a great escape from weeks of indoor living. You can use these walks as a way to reconnect and socialize with one or two friends.

• Driving through the local area, public parks, or scenic highways is a lovely way to see the bouquet of colors on blooming bushes, flowers, and trees. Spring is the time of nature’s rebirth and the rainbow of colors is amazing. There is also an abundance of beautiful birds and butterflies that adds a touch of brilliance to the air.

• Shopping at a local farmer’s market or craft fair is always a fun time when you can browse the stalls or exhibits with a friend, a caregiver, or a family member. You can pair your shopping adventure with a lunch or snack at an outdoor café. A day trip out with others is an excellent opportunity to make a new memory.

• Cooking outside on a grill or just having tea or coffee on a patio or porch with a few family members or friends is an outstanding way to get outside and socialize with others. With proper distancing, these outside events can easily become a weekly gathering.

• Gardening lets your creative talents come to life whether it is a miniature farm garden or planting colorful flowers in pots or window boxes. Be sure to wear the proper clothing to protect your head and skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. After the planting is done, you can watch the blooming progress of your efforts. Gardening is an activity that you can share with your grandchildren while you teach them the pleasure of self-accomplishments.

Have Mobility Concerns? Try these ideas for Spring!

For those with mobility issues, caregivers, or another family member can provide the extra help needed to get onto a porch or patio to relax while watching the beauty of nature as it comes back to life after its winter rest. You can watch the birds and butterflies flitting around your yard and take in the beauty of new plants and flowers as they return to life in the spring environment. Other outdoor spring activities include the following recommendations.

• Planting flowers and herbs in small planter pots will keep your mind and hands busy as you sit on the porch or patio. A caregiver can arrange your supplies on a table or tray so that everything is readily available for your planting.

• Going on a scenic ride through a park, national forest, or tourist area is a pleasant way to enjoy the grace and glamor of impressive vistas. You and your driver can plan to stop at a roadside area with tables to enjoy a picnic lunch. Outdoor dining takes on a real sense of adventure when you can dispose of the utensils, plates, and leftovers and not worry about getting crumbs on the floor. You can even bring some peanuts to share with the squirrels.

• Entertaining family and friends on the porch or patio with a cookout or a pastry party with cold drinks. Enjoying the warmer weather with a few special people is a fun way to socialize and bring people back together. While hugs and kisses may still be restricted, having the opportunity to be with others and have face-to-face chats can go a long way in returning to pre-pandemic normal activities.

Bottom Line
While we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, being outdoors is an excellent way to engage in springtime activities. As more people get vaccinated against the virus the more willing we will be to recapture some of our pre-pandemic activities. But, until the virus is contained we do need to remain vigilant against infection and follow precautionary measures. This means that we still need to wear a mask in public and maintain acceptable social distance from anymore who is neither a household member nor a caregiver.

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