During a year that has brought so much focus on your health and the health of those in your community, it can be challenging to make a decision to change your healthcare coverage. Medicare’s Annual Election Period may be the only opportunity to make changes to your Medicare healthcare coverage, so it’s important to consider your options, even in the midst of COVID-19 concerns.

From October 15 through December 7, you can make changes to your Medicare healthcare plan. Many Medicare recipients have faced difficult circumstances in the past several months, but it’s important to review your current plan and determine if it still meets your needs. Take the time to explore the options available in your area, just in case you can find a plan that will save you money and offer you additional benefits.

What changes can you make? You can switch from one Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, with or without prescription drug coverage, to another MA plan, with or without prescription drug coverage. You can switch from one Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) to another PDP. You can drop Original Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, or you can drop your Medicare Advantage plan and revert to Original Medicare. If you choose to go back to Original Medicare, you can enroll in a stand-alone PDP during this time.

Even though Medicare is individual insurance, take advantage of your virtual community to ask questions and get advice when you want it. Compare plans side by side online, or talk to a licensed sales agent who can answer your questions. FaceTime or Zoom with trusted family members. Just because many of us are social distancing to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic, you still have a community to help you make these important healthcare decisions.

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