Many people see the start of a New Year as a renewed opportunity to change or begin to work on new ways to make their lives better. These resolutions often are intended for improved health, wellness, or financial security. The goals are positive, but they are frequently set so high that they are quickly abandoned after a few weeks. Making reasonable resolutions is the way to obtain success.

Even as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic there are some lifestyle changes that everyone, especially seniors can make that will lead to positive results. The key is to make a realistic plan that works with your physical abilities. If you have been staying inside and doing your best to avoid becoming infected with the coronavirus, you’re probably less active now than before the pandemic changed your daily life.

Whether you live alone, have the help of a caregiver, or live in an adult community, and are ways to make healthy resolutions for 2021 that you can actually keep. Here are some obtainable goals to consider when thinking about personal self-improvement.

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Physical Activity:
Staying indoors means sitting more than usual. One way to maintain your muscle strength is to be more active. Because the winter weather may be too cold for outdoor exercise, seniors can benefit from a variety of indoor activities. You are never too old to start something new. Choose an activity that will work with your personal physical abilities and make a realistic plan to dedicate a few minutes a day to be active. You can increase your activities as your stamina improves.

Depending on your insurance plan coverage, Medicare recipients of all ages can take advantage of the Silver Sneakers or at-home exercise plans. Until you are comfortable with increasing your physical activities, you may want to have your caregiver or another household member join you or be in the same room in case you injure yourself. In the case of making a new year’s resolution for physical activity remember that slow and steady is the way to start. Your indoor activities can include any of the following suggestions.

• Using an exercise bike
• Lifting hand weights
• Using resistance workout bands
• Practicing yoga
• Jogging in place
• Dancing to your favorite melodies
• Using a stair stepper
• Swimming if you have access to a pool
• Exercising with workout videos

Mental Activity:
Maintaining mental alertness is very important for your overall wellbeing. Your brain needs stimulation every day. This one body organ affects everything you do from thinking, regulating breathing and body temperature, telling your body when and how to move, recalling past experiences and memories, and letting you know when you are hungry or sleepy. You can make a meaningful new year’s resolution to improve your mental activity with any of the following suggestions.

• Work on jigsaw puzzles for concentration
• Read books, newspapers, or magazines to maintain vocabulary and memory skills
• Work crossword puzzles for problem-solving
• Write letters to stay in touch with loved ones
• Write a journal to document your family history or write about funny things you have experienced to exercise your recall abilities
• Play online games for concentration, memory skills, and problem-solving

Emotional Activity:
Staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic means being separated from friends and family. To avoid letting this type of isolation turn into an emotional feeling of loneliness, make a resolution to stay in touch with loved ones on a daily basis. All you need to stay emotionally connected with the outside world is a telephone, smartphone, or laptop. Your emotional activities can include exchanging emails, sharing videos, sending text messages, and talking on the phone. Not only will those you contact know how important they are to you, but you also remain a valuable part of their lives.

Self-Care Activity:
Maintaining your personal health and wellbeing is the best resolution gift that you can give to yourself. An attainable goal for all Medicare recipients is to make a resolution to keep all of your doctor appointments and to take all of your medications as directed. This essential self-care activity enables you to stay aware of your health condition and it may also help you to prevent potential chronic illnesses. Taking care of yourself also means making a resolution to eat healthier meals and getting a good night’s sleep. If you have dry skin, you can resolve to pamper yourself by using skincare products daily. Self-care activities can improve your self-confidence and your ability to help others improve their daily lives.

Creative Activity:
Nothing keeps your brain sharp more than when you are participating in creative activities. Spending lots of time indoors gives you the opportunity to either work on your favorite projects or to challenge yourself with new projects. Take the opportunity to make a new year’s resolution to enjoy creative activities that you can use yourself or give as gifts to loved ones. Here are a few examples of creative activities that can bring you a sense of accomplishment and pride.

• Play an instrument or learn to play an instrument for personal pleasure and mental alertness
• Plant an indoor garden to grow and eat your own herbs and small vegetables
• Craft projects that bring out your creative skills can be drawing or painting, woodworking, knitting or crocheting, making costume jewelry, sewing, making scrapbooks, and cooking new recipes

Bottom Line
Making a positive resolution for the New Year is a good step forward to a becoming or staying a happier and healthier person. Think of a plan that you know you can stay with and remember to thank yourself when you have achieved your new goal.

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