Are you wondering if living in a senior independent living community is the right choice for you? If you are looking for communities that are geared toward seniors and retirees and will allow you to continue aging in place, you may feel a bit overwhelmed.  Any move can be daunting, but if you are considering an independent or assisted living community, we may be able to help you consider some important factors. Here are some of the perks independent living may offer:

Less work

Choosing to move to a senior independent living situation means no more maintenance worries. Unlike living in a house condo where you’re responsible for interior repairs, a managed community may help with keeping up the home’s interior and exterior for you. This means there will be less things for you to worry about, spend money to fix, and potentially cause injury.

All-inclusive amenities

When you make a move to a senior living communities, you may be able to kiss some of your normal household bills goodbye. Utilities, taxes, and even cable services may be included in the monthly fee you pay. Some communities include dinners, weekly housekeeping, campus amenities and events.

Increased Security

No matter which retirement community you pick, your security is important. Some offer front entryways that are protected using 24-hour surveillance cameras, guards or gates. They should have well-lit parking lots, lobbies, or shared spaces for both you and your guests.

Staff Presence

Well-trained staff may be around to help 24/7. From housekeeping to dining services,  a senior living community may have an available staff member on site at all hours. If you need assisted living or nursing care, there are communities that will meet those needs as well.

Safety features

If you want to live independently, but have concerns about your safety while navigating everyday activities safely, you may enjoy a community that offers those features. Some senior homes will include safety features in the bathroom and kitchen where many accidents occur.  Handrails in the bath, a sprinkler system in each apartment, emergency call lights, and unobtrusive wellness checks can all contribute to the safety of a community.


Independent living communities may provide you with all of the privacy you want and need. For example, many spaces come with a complete kitchen and living area, as well as private outdoor spaces, such as a patio, yard,  or balcony.

Social events

Everyone loves their privacy, but having a social life is important too, especially if you’re active. Many retirement communities have something happening daily, including book clubs, scheduled games, and religious services. They may offer different day rooms, parlors, or recreation rooms so you can have your friends over to visit. They may organize trips, offer club activities and classes.

Physical Fitness Opportunities

As you age, exercise and fitness are keys to keeping a healthy lifestyle. Many senior living facilities may offer an on-site gym, fitness classes like yoga, tai chi, or cycling, walking clubs, and more. These are many options to choose from in some communities, so compare the amenities based on your own needs.


Many communities that include dining options will cater to specific dietary requirements. You may get a choice of menus, freshly prepared healthy food, and options that address your needs. Some nursing homes may offer nutritionist services as well.

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